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When it comes to your professional Image, photography is... ALWAYS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN IT SHOULD BE... but, that's reality...so make sure that your photos, online or any place your clients or potential clients see you, are the BEST they can be.

My name is Terry Blackburn and I’m a Professional Headshot Photographer based in The Woodlands, Texas. I have over 35+ years experience and have worked in many different shooting environments. I love what I do and wish to share these special moments with you!

My job is to make your session so much fun that it is easy to smile naturally,whether this is your first time in a professional headshot photo session or you have done headshots many times. I have worked with many first timers...as well as pros like The Golden Girls, Martin Short, Cathy Lee Gifford, Micky Mouse, Goofy, and many other Disney Characters and top NFL veterans like Warren Moon and Dan Morano, Major Leaguers like Andy Petit and Lance Berkman, and CEO's and business leaders.

My studio is in The Woodlands, just off of I-45, its easy to find, so if you are in Houston, don't worry, it will be worth the drive! If you have had the chance to look at my Gallery, give me a call, I'm really looking forward to showing you what we, together, can do!