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I am a photographer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have had a love for photography since the age of ten when I used my lawn mowing money to buy my first SLR and darkroom equipment. My first newspaper assignment was a plane crash, a mile from my house at age eleven. I shot my first wedding at age twelve. In college, I shot for the yearbook and got the chance to learn the "old style" of formulaic portrait photography and lighting ratios. Fast forward 40 years and now commercial and sports photography occupy a great deal of my spare time but since becoming acquainted with Peter Hurley and learning from him, I have been increasingly drawn into headshot photography. Not only is it a great chance to meet and interact with people in a much more personal way but it's a lot less hazardous than an a 240 pound running back sprinting at you. My primary career for now is as an Hospital Pharmacy Operations Improvement Consultant, but photography is my true passion. With five children, I always have lots of subjects to photograph.

Why do I find headshot photography so exciting? It is a chance to really create a special photograph that visually express emotion and can help an actor to further their career. To an actor, a great headshot can mean the difference between an opportunity to work in the craft you love or not. A good headshot is like a visual resume and the expression of the actor is of paramount importance and can open doors to new horizons in stage and film. What taught and touched me the most in this journey of learning is an experience i recently had with a young lady who needed her first set of head shots. She was shy in front of the camera but had the most engaging expressions when she was relaxed. When she saw her images on the screen she broke down and cried. She said that she never had been pleased with a picture of herself until that moment…after that, I knew that headshot photography was where I needed to be.

Short version

Why is a headshot so important? A headshot is a visual resume. The expression is everything, not the background or the jewelry. A good headshot can either open career doors or shut them. Ron Moore is a headshot photographer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a passion to capture the expression.

Equipment List

Canon 5d Mark III
Canon 1d Mark X
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS
Canon 85mm f1.2 LII
Canon 100mm f2.8 macro
Einstein 640's
Promaster 500w monoblocks for backlight
Mac 17in laptop
Lightroom 5
Wescott pop up 6x7 backdrop
Paul C. Buff 1x4 strip softboxes
Paul C. Buff 84 inch umbrella
Photoflex silverdome NXT softbox

Sports List
Canon 400mm f2.8 IS
Canon 300mm f2.8 IS
Photo Mechanic 5

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Medusa lighting system
Hurley Pro board
Hasselblad H4D