MTV in my studio tomorrow!

Hey guys.  MTV is coming by the studio to shoot me in action a bit. I'm going to try to get a ustream or spreecast going while they are there.  Not sure if it will fly, but be on the lookout tomorrow afternoon.  Hope I can catch some of the action for you guys!  


right on....will be looking for it. Kick some...

Congrats! Keep lighting it up Pete!! i'll be looking forward to it!

awesome - i should be around for that action. nice one man!

Fabulous, Peter! Congratulations!!

I want my Mtv !!! That is awesome man. Hope we can see it.

Kind of like a special episode of MTV Cribs! :)

Fantastic! Are going to USTREAM it with the owle bubo?

Wouah !!! félicitation ! you are the best !

Way to go Rock Star! Should be a blast!

It was fun. Whipped out the upstream for a second afterwards, but was too beat to keep it going. They may come back. We'll see how much air time I get in May when it runs.

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