Then and Now

I think it was Amanda I was talking to about this. But I said I would post a then-and-now headshot comparison so you can see that *everyone* starts somewhere.

The first headshot is of my girlfriend Lindsay. The second is of my wife Lindsay! Took the first one I think before I officially signed up? Second one was last year.

So if you're not feeling it or not seeing it or feeling like you're *never* going to be making headshots that are up to snuff you are *wrong.* Keep going. Keep practicing. Keep posting. If you're just starting out you're gonna make mistakes. You'll wreck skin tones and have 'em ahead of light convergence and on and on.

Remember that every piece of critique you receive here is in service of helping you be the best photographer you can be!


I'm pretty sure I made EVERY mistake possible? Ahead of convergence. Shot too high. Hair behind both ears. Nearly cropped through the necklace. Look at the size of those pupils! She's friggin orange! She's overturned!

Thankfully I got better by the time I proposed. A no would have been justified after that massacre!

I love this Rich. I’m going to recreate my first image I entered I to the contest and compare. We all start from somewhere and we are forever learning. I love the transparency of the crew. Thanks for sharing.

I love that you shared this, I think we all should post first and current

Love this post, Rich. It's about time I do the same and upgrade my former girlfriend's headshot to my wife's headshot.

Weird, your old girlfriend and wife have the same name!
Always good to reflect on how far we've come, especially when we're in constant progression and may not always feel like we're shooting the best we can
Thanks for sharing rich!

I'll go!
The first one I took shortly after I joined. The second was early this year.

Love it Rich!!! What a post!!! Thank you. I wish all the associates would do it.

I think this is a good idea Peter. When I saw this post, I said I was going to shoot the first person I entered into the contest and compare them from then until now. It's a great challenge.

Mariage did her well!! Seriously, great progress and work!

Can't be the same person!? What a journey!

Some of my first headshots were with a golf umbrella, one flash, and mostly willing family members :)
Still on the journey!

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