Big Stuff going on this week!

I've been in a whirlwind and am working like a maniac at the moment. I'm psyched to bring you some of the stuff I'm working on.

First off, the 5DAYDEAL photography bundle for 2021 ends in a few hours. It's got my Headshot Intensive ONLINE included in it which you guys all get anyway here in the video library. However, if you buy it using this link then I'll throw in my audiobook Headshot Banter as a bonus! Go get it before it's gone! Once you've gotten it then I'll get the confirmation from them and be adding it after the sale is finished. 

Secondly, SHABANGRS is in pre-launch and we are giving early access to the crew. I'd love to teach you guys about the world of NFT's and what's happening right now is an important time for creators is incredible. We are at the forefront of this thing and I'm going to walk you through it. You'll be able to get involved by having your very own SHABANGR. These suckers come with a number of perks that will be randomly assigned to them. I'll be discussing after the HOTW judging later today and the launch is 7pm tomorrow for only 1 hour. Join our Discord to get in on the early action. If you are clueless on NFT's I'll be getting everyone up to speed. 

If you haven't yet please watch the men's lighting video I did with Slava. I think it will clarify a lot and I want you guys firing on all cylinders when it comes to lighting the guys if you want to shadow them up! 

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just bought. thanks for text video. i could use some banter.

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