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Who's in the Crew? - Spotlight on Rainer Müller

NAME: Rainer Müller -

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I live in Germany/Bavaria, Sand am Main, a small town between Munich and Nürnberg.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SHOOTING HEADSHOTS? I became a member of the HSC in April 2018. That`s the point when I was starting to promote and shoot headshots.

WHAT IS YOUR LIGHTING SETUP FOR HEADSHOTS? I use strobes from "Hensel“ with modifiers, also from this brand. After trying some different setups, I mostly use the triangle lighting for women and more often the parallel for men.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU LIKE TO SHOOT? In fairness I have to say, I shoot nearly everything if people ask and pay for it. Before I started to specialize in headshots, you could find everything from weddings to nude-photography on my homepage. These last few years, the business changed a lot. I think it will be more and more necessary to specialize in something. Until now, I did not dare show only headshots, but now I show more and more only things I would like to shoot (No newborn, no babies on pink fur…).

WHEN DID YOU FIRST DISCOVER PH AND THE HSC? It was when Peter had a booth at Photokina in Cologne 2016. I Have been at Photokina for 3 days (also looking after Fotoservice news and doing some networking), I run into the booth, having no idea who Peter Hurley is, or what headshot business is. There was no market for this, at least I did not know. But I was interested in, what the people there were doing. Peter had a break and I talked to @Chris Marxen who did a headshot from me in combination with promoting Peters's book.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO JOIN THE CREW ONCE YOU FOUND IT? After Photokina 2016, where I first saw something about the Headshotcrew, it took a while for me to remember these guys. I was thinking in 2018 about my situation and how can I improve my services, so I did some searches and found Peter's headshot book. After reading this, I was more interested in this stuff and joined the HSC. Until now, I am quite happy, having done this!

WHAT IS THE ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD NEVER GUESS ABOUT YOU? Maybe, I had to wear eyeglasses from the age of 19 until I did an eye-laser-correction at the age of 31. Since then I did not have to wear some. Nowadays it started that I have to wear some reading-glasses…

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WISH PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT YOU? Fortunately, I could travel to some countries around the world. There I found very kind and warm people and also sometimes assholes. I don`t care about the country, race, black or white, about religion, about sexual orientation, I only care if they are an ass… or not.


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Happy birthday!!! Wonderful to learn more about your journey!

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Thank you Lisa! Yes, I travel quite a while through the Photobusiness...