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November PhD contest results this afternoon!


Winner being chosen today on our first CrewCast in December. Be there at 4pm Eastern, I'll be firin up our brand new randomizer and giving away The Art Behind The Headshot to the lucky winner plus choosing the PhD winner for November. Here's the link:

Winner each month gets to spend 2 days of their choice hangin, shabang'in with me in the NY studio. You'll be immersed full bore into the Peter Hurley philosophy of portraiture and afterwards you'll earn your PhD(Peter Hurley Direction) in photography! Including a badge of honor on Headshot Crew by being labeled as a PhD.

Winners also receive a free year on Headshot Crew and both my DVD's and a personalized signed copy of my book "The Headshot!" as well as a headshot by yours truly. Enter below by submitting the best headshot you've ever taken and your chance at a killer time Shabang'in NYC style with me! One winner will be chosen each month.

Once you are chosen you have a year to figure out a time period when you can get your butt to NYC and hang with me in the NY studio. Winners will be chosen on the first Tuesday of each month during out weekly Headshot Crew CrewCast. CrewCast links are posted in the core coaching group CrewCast link each week prior to Tuesday.

In order to be considered you must be a member of the Protégé coaching group, so sign up for your 30 day free trial today if you aren't partaking in the action yet. 

Only 1 submission per person per month. Enter every month with a new submission of your choice.


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Entry for November, Miss Jr. Teen Kentucky United States

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Marta, she's a business manager.

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Nichole, Retouch: Damian Battinelli

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My first entry no Whammy's :)

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Michael - Doctor

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Just joined! Here's my November entry.

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Mari - she's a college student.

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There are a lot of great entries. New member here..I am currently lining up some sessions to get my headshot portfolio built, but in the meantime, I thought I would try my luck with this shot.

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