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About Jan Pieter Keller 

During my working life at various media agencies I have always been involved with photography. With the technical side but especially with the artistic side. I have visited many exhibitions and followed courses. Clothing and styling always have my attention.

'I just want people to look very good on a photo!'

After reading an article about headshot photography for social media, everything fell into place. This is what suits me for the full 100%. The next step was an intensive workshop in Ireland given by Peter Hurley from New York. The photographer who has taken business headshot photography to a higher level. Here too I have gained the necessary skills specifically for portrait photography.

'For me, the interaction between photographer and model is most important. Together we can achieve a result that is above average. ‘

Visit my website at www.janpieterkeller.com to book a session today or contact me by mail: janpieter@janpieterkeller.com or mobile: +31625058147

I'm looking forward to working with you!