The Headshot Intensified - [node:field-venue:city-state] - 11/12/2018 | Headshot Crew

The Headshot Intensified

Nov 12th 2018

Nov 12th 2018
Peter Hurley Photography Studio
134 W 26th St
Suite 1203
New York, NY
United States
All prices are USD.

A 3rd day of Intensified action in New York!

The Headshot Intensified

In this workshop Peter throws you into the mix after having previously gone through his Headshot Intensive workshop. You'll spend time working with Peter on digging deeper into the concepts that are proven to make each headshot session a success. This one day workshop is open to any graduate of The Headshot Intensive that has a BFAS degree. The ideas you learned during The Headshot Intensive are expanded upon here using Peter himself as a guinea pig to help you apply those concepts in a live setting.