Peter Hurley's Headshot Intensive - Chicago, IL - 09/29/2018 | Headshot Crew

Peter Hurley's Headshot Intensive

Sep 29th 2018 to Sep 30th 2018

Sep 29th 2018 to Sep 30th 2018
312 Elements Photo Studio
212 N Sangamon St
Studio 4B
Chicago, IL
United States
Only 2 Spots Left
All prices are USD.

Back to Chicago with the Headshot Intensive PEOPLE!

A 2-day photography workshop based on Peter's unique process of producing the highest quality headshot for all his clientele. If you want to dive even deeper into what Peter calls Headshotland, then add a 3rd Intensified day to your workshop and get some one on one time with him.

This course is designed for every level photographer from amateur to pro alike. This isn't a technique course in camera settings, but a mind-blowing course in handling any human that steps in front of your lens.  Yes, the workshop is geared toward headshot photography, but all of this valuable information applies whether your subject is 3 feet in front of your camera or 30 feet in front of it. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of Peter's workflow, direction, shooting style and business sense. It's a soup to nuts approach on how to crank out one good portrait after another.

In a nutshell, THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE is designed for the photographer looking to gain beneficial knowledge from the leader in the headshot genre in order to develop a new skill set when photographing people. So whether photography is your full-time gig or you are a passionate hobbyist who can’t seem to put your camera down, this workshop is for you. 

The Headshot Intensive is also the breeding ground for Peter's team of talented Headshot Crew Associate Photographers. We've been able to create an elite crew of headshot photographers that span the globe through Peter's stringent vetting process. All photographers are members of the Headshot Crew Protégé Coaching Program. Interested? Sign up for your free account now.

Some Topics Include:

  • Lighting Hurley-Style
  • The 90% Therapist and 10% Photographer Concept
  • Performing The Chameleon Approach
  • Applying Sherlock Holmesing 
  • Digging into Micro-Expression
  • Creation of Residual Laughter
  • Direction by Mis-Direction
  • Hurleyisms
  • The HURLEY Headshot System
  • The Shoot: You’ll apply the ideas laid out to you by applying these ideas on the second day of the workshop.  
  • Headshot Crew:  Peter will discuss his global plan and your shot to capture your target market by becoming a Headshot Crew Associate Photographer. The goal is to have each photographer that is interested in building their headshot business become part of the Headshot Crew referral program, using it as a marketing tool to build their headshot clientele through referrals from their own Headshot Crew lead generation tool.  

What You'll Need:

  • A DSLR, mirrorless or medium format digital camera and basic knowledge of how to use it. You’ll want a decent headshot lens, so Peter recommends something in the range of 85-105mm for full frame DSLR’s and 100mm and above for medium format cameras. Peter likes using his 70-200mm lens on his full frame DSLR, so feel free to bring a zoom that fits into that range if you like.
  • Bring a laptop and/or external hard drive with you to the workshop in case you want to shoot tethered, take notes or transfer files, etc. 
  • Peter loves shooting on a tripod, so if you have one that can reach above 6' with a ball head and center column bring it with you. If you don't then don't sweat it, but he will be giving you umpteen reasons why you should be using one. You can check out his gear page for the recommended Feisol/Arca Swiss combo:
  • Get a good night's sleep prior to coming up to the intensive! We usually go from 9 or 10am (depending on venue, we will send you logistic information a week prior to the event.)in the morning until lunchtime, come back and do a session until dinnertime. The second day usually runs from 9 or 10am(again we will let you know) until 6pm. We do break for lunch and will be shooting all afternoon on day 2. No food is included with the workshop fee.

Cost and Scheduling:

The price for attending this phenomenal weekend workshop is $1600 and payment is due in full when signing up. ALL PAYMENTS ARE IN US DOLLARS. 

It’s an amazing value for anyone interested in taking their portrait photography to new heights. However, there's even more value for those attending:

The Real Deal:  

  • Any photographer that is one of the first 4 to sign up for any Intensive will receive an EARLYBIRD bonus of 6 free months on at the Protégé level. If you are wondering if you qualify for this just ask. Don't worry, if you don't make the cut all additional attendees will receive 3 months free.     
  • All participants will receive a promo code for 1/2 off Peter's Fstoppers Tutorials.

• B&H has sponsored the workshop, so we will be giving away at random one $50 gift card to a lucky participant from the Intensive and a second one given away during the Intensified.

  • Get your own Headshot by Peter Hurley!  Each photographer will get in front of Peter's camera at some point during the workshop and he'll personally shoot a SHABANG'in headshot of you. He can't stand photographers who don't put a nice shot of themselves on their bio page, so he's making sure each of you has a new one to use upon completion of the workshop! You'll get a unique perspective from being in front of Peter's camera as well. This allows you to understand exactly what your clients are going through and it's proven to be a powerful experience. It is one of Peter's favorite portions of the course and a real eye-opener for past attendees, plus right now it costs $1000 for a new client to step in front of Peter's lens for a 1/2 hr, so there is definitely some major value in it for you there!  

  • All Headshot Intensive attendees will be dubbed a Bachelor in the Fine Art of Shabanging(BFAS) in the Headshot Crew Coaching Program upon graduating! The BFAS label and any free months you are to receive as an attendee will be added after you've completed the workshop. 

Peter's goal for the course is that each photographer receives a tremendous amount of value out of taking the workshop, so if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to contact us at 212.627.2210. Use the links on the right to register for your desired workshop and lock in any promotions you may receive.  

In case you are interested The Headshot Intensified is an added extra 3rd day where you spend time with Peter one on one in order to drive all these concepts home. It costs an additional $800 and limited to only 7 photographers. Just add the extra day to your cart or feel free to sign up for it separately if you have previously taken The Headshot Intensive. 

Peter feels strongly that the workshop is appropriately named, so we hope you are ready for an INTENSE weekend of non-stop information coming your way! 

We'll be emailing you with ant other logistics for the weekend during the week preceding your chosen workshop, should you have any questions beforehand definitely reach out to me via email or call the studio anytime.

No food is included with the workshop fee. You are free to go to lunch and dinner on your own if you have the need, but we do usually hit restaurants together as a group. 

Full payment is required in order to secure your spot and snag any of our time-sensitive discounts. All payments are non-refundable, so don't register until you are certain you are ready to roll! However, should you need to reschedule, inform us at least at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled intensive and we will apply your fee toward a future workshop. If the workshop does happen to sell out then we will open up your spot to our waiting list and try to fill it. If that is the case then we will refund your registration minus an administration fee.

So, are you ready to get serious about your people photography? 

Get it going, each workshop is limited to ONLY 12 photographers plus 1 spot for those alumni who want to take it for 1/2 price a second time.(The 1/2 price deal does not apply to the 3rd Intensified day) Most workshops sell out, so register today! If you are a returning client make sure you use the coupon code for the 1/2 off discount when regsitering for the Intensive. There is no discount on the Intensified,.  

Questions? Feel free to email us or call the studio at 212.627.2210. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and want everyone to be 100% informed prior to coming to the workshop.  

Peter does travel the world with the workshop and sometimes it takes us time to find a suitable studio, if this is the case then just sign up and as soon as a studio is secured we'll be letting you know the name and address.

If you are coming to one of our NYC workshops then here's the NY studio address:

Peter Hurley Photography Studio
134 W 26th Street, Suite 1203
New York, NY 10001

We start each day at 10am in the NY studio for Headshot Intensives outside NYC I will be emailing you with logistics and times we will be starting. 

The closest hotels to my NY studio are right on 26th Street between 6th & 7th Aves:

The Hilton New York Fashion District

Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave - Chelsea

Looking forward to seeing you at The Headshot Intensive!