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About Daniel Sommer 

I grew up in a small farming village in the countryside of Switzerland. I was a very rambunctious child, always running around and generally being as mischievous as I could. When I was a child, my father had a Canon Canonet QL 19 GIII, which he kept in a draw, out of the way of my young destructive hands. At about 10 I was finally tall enough to reach into the draw and take his camera out for a spin. My dad got tired of overseeing my obvious obsession, so he bought me my first camera (one of those plastic disposable kinds that make that clicking sound when you wind between captures).

Towards the end of high school I started lecturing about image manipulation and retouching which by the end of college became a series of workshops. In my early 20’s I moved to Australia, where I promptly got a job working at a digital media agency where I worked in video production as a second cameraman, eventually working my way up to become the Director of Photography. Working with cameras (albeit with videos) within a professional setting was incredibly inspiring, and solidified my knowledge, that photography was where I belonged.

During my time at the agency, I got to work with, and direct actors in a variety of settings. This rewarded me with a unique experience as to how to approach actors during a headshot session, as well as knowing how to get an actor worthy performance out of anyone, be they CEO’s, chefs, doctors, flight attendants or even students.

Being fluent in English, German and French gives me an advantage over other photography professionals and it makes it easy to connect with my clients on a level others could not. I am ever honing my knowledge and skills, and have developed my own unique, personal style of photography, combining my experiences in commercial photography with the personable nature of portraiture shoots.

My mission is for every shoot to be simple and relaxed, with uncomplicated and intimate setups. I try to capture a look that’s unique to my clients, it’s all about the “lookability”. Expression is everything!

I am an open book about my set ups and process, this gives me the opportunity to inspire others to follow their dreams and encourage their passion to create, much like my photography heroes have given me.

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