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Bruno Kongawoin

Gooseberry Hill, WA, AU
About Bruno

I am a Perth based Headshot and Portrait Photographer. I hailed from the Central African Republic, my country of birth. But life took me at an early age from Africa, Europe to America and settled in Australia my whole adult life.

As a Headshot Photographer, I started my intense journey in photography with the help of Dutch Master Lighting Instructor Frank Doorhof learning about light and the science of light in photography. I was travelling from the UK where I was residing at the time to Holland to go spend days with Frank at his studio in Emmeloord in my quest to speak the language of light in photography during my One On One sessions. Once I returned to Australia, a friend of mine who was being coached by the world renown Headshot and Portrait Photographer Peter Hurley from New York, suggested that I joined the Headshot Crew which is a coaching platform led by Peter.

I joined the Headshot Crew and under Peter guidance and coaching, after 4 months, he made me one of his handpicked Associate Headshot and Portrait Photographers and the first in Australia. Further down the track, 3 months later, Peter recognised my effort in assisting and guiding other members of the Headshot Crew, he elevated my status to a Mentor to assist him in coaching 13,000+ headshot and portrait photographers from all over the globe.

Being a former US College and Professional Basketball Player as well as a 1988 Seoul Olympian from the Central African Republic, being the best at what I do is a trait that I can’t shake off. So I am constantly pushing the boundary of my headshot and portrait work, skills and ability to get better at what I do. I don’t know what the future holds but I am sure my will to push boundaries can only lead me to better headshot and portrait photography. When I am not around with my camera in hand or in the studio working and mentoring my Mentees from around the world, I love hanging around with my lovely wife and my adoring son messing around our property doing maintenance and gardening.