Headshot Crew Coaching Mentors

These photographers have gone through the coaching program, made it to Associate, have thriving headshot businesses, and continue to give back to the crew by mentoring others and creating instructional content on the crew. The Mentors are here to help guide you on your way through the crew.
Daniel Wakefield
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mondo Rojas
Las Vegas , NV
Rob Sandberg
Redlands, CA
Scott Parker
Kent, CT
Carol Spagnuola
Asheville, NC
Noel Marcantel
New Orleans, LA
Joe Lubong
Seattle, WA
Sanjeev Singhal
Atlanta, GA
Ross McIntire
Las Vegas, NV
Scott Rosenthal
New York, NY
Garret Buckley
Chicago, IL
Danh Nguyen
Weymouth, MA
Laura Kinser
Salt Lake City, UT, UT
Rich Soublet
San Diego, CA
Sharon Morgenstern
Boca Raton, FL
James Van Hees
Houston, TX
Robert Read
New York, NY
Britney Young
New York City, NY
Trevor Walker
Kelowna, BC, CA
Kim Dalton
Cincinnati, OH
Jon Meadows
Washington, DC
Ivan Weiss
Kings Cross, London, GB
Tommy Collier
Denver, CO
Richard Waine
Lancaster, PA
Mike Sansone
Chicago, IL
Michael Schacht
Chicago, IL