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About Aron Harris - 416 606 2858 

My first experience shooting headshots was a corporate gig that required 25 photos taken in less than 3 hours. My subjects ran the gamut; camera shy, indifferent, terrified, plus dazzling smilers and confident posers. It was a whirlwind session and in the end, many of the people who were really resistant to getting their photo taken left relaxed and happy.
I learned that headshot photography is so much more than what it appears. I believe that if I can give you your best photo ever taken, you can use it to be a stronger, more confident person in your life and your business. That, to me, is one of the greatest services a photographer can offer.

My artist/art teacher father was responsible for putting a camera in my 5 year-old hands and encouraged me to use as many rolls of 110 film and flash cubes as I wanted. The Pentax Spotmatic II that he used to photograph the many landscapes which he would later paint is now my (admittedly rarely-used) film camera. He was my first and remains my lifelong teacher. We discuss fine art and photography, argue about modern art. I listen to every word he has to say about composition and light. He tries to wrap his head around me using a computer and DSLR as a medium.

In addition to being a photographer, I'm also a graphic designer, retoucher and production artist, a writer and a musician. But first and foremost, I'm the father of two amazing kids, a husband to a brilliant wife and close as I can be with my brother and parents.