About Andrew Campbell 

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Andrew Campbell is a Grand Master of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. He has been a professional photographer since 1983.

Andrew is also recognised by his peers as a discerning judge of photography. He has judged at the state and national awards for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) for the last 20 years consecutively.

Specialist corporate portrait photographer and director of "The Melbourne Headshot Company", with over 20 years experience and outstanding industry recognized credentials.

Andrew has received over 150 awards including several National GOLD awards for his Portraits.

He is the winner of the Highly Prestigious - GRAND AWARD for Portraiture, WPPI (USA) 2012 (America's Photographic Equivalent of the Grammy Awards)

Winner- Individual Portrait category, WPPI (USA) 2012
Finalist: National Portrait Prize - Canberra & Fremantle Portrait Prize 2012

Grand Master Photographer AIPP

Industry leader in the field of corporate portraiture - clients include CEO's, Executives, Politicians including the Australian Prime Minister the Hon. Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard and Ted Baillieu MP, former Premier of Victoria - Lawyers, Accountants and Business people from all across the country.

Particularly interested in the context of where someone's photo will appear. How does the subject want the world to see them? His intent is to create the ideal image to suit the intended audience, through a relaxed process designed to bring the very best out of people.

Andrew is happily married with 3 boys, and is also passionate about Astrophotography, Motorsport, Martinis and Cricket.