About Dan Wright 

Hi! My name is Dan Wright and I specialize in creating compelling headshots and corporate portraiture that make you look confident and approachable. I firmly believe that every headshot should be unique and creative, and I will do my best to make sure that your new image represents who you are as an individual. A great headshot isn’t just one that makes you look good, it’s one that makes you look like somebody the viewer would want to talk to.

I’ll do my best to understand your specific needs and guide you throughout the session so that you will feel relaxed and comfortable. I’ve always said that I am 90% therapist and 10% photographer, so I put a lot of effort into making you as comfortable as possible so that I can capture the real you and make you look as awesome as you deserve to.

You can catch a glimpse of my photography style through my portfolio. Feel free to contact me if you feel like you’re ready to update your image with a headshots that will highlight your best self.