Wes jumped right out at me when he showed up on the Headshot Crew scene. He got up to NYC for an event and we've been hangin tight ever since. I knew this guy was Associate status bound and would give Baltimore the first taste of Headshot Crew Associate caliber work. It's been amazing seeing him hone his craft, watch his work evolve and witness the support he has for other's working on making similar moves as part of this crew. He's one to watch and always ready to hit ya with a powerful kliiq from his shutter, so don't hesitate and get on in there PEOPLE!
- Peter Hurley
About Wes Linda 

It was a hot sticky day in June over 40 years ago that I entered this world a month before my due date. Ever since then I’ve been enjoying everything life has to offer. Today, I’m a happily married man blessed with three amazing daughters, a very handsome son and a crazy pup that loves life! How much luckier can a man get?

Well, to be honest, I can get luckier! I get to do something that I’m truly passionate about! Help others tell their stories.

My passion for Photography started with my father. One my favorite photographs was one he took of The Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was rustic and amazing all in one. My own journey in photography began in High School with a photography class. 35mm film and a dark room really challenges a soul. I wandered away for more than a decade. I wandered back a couple of years ago when my sister handed down a Canon Digital Rebel. Over the past few years the addiction, I mean passion, has grown!