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Tom Spearman

Fort Myers, FL
Spearman Headshot Photography
About Tom

It's often said that the pessimist sees the glass half empty, and the optimist sees the glass half full, but the photographer sees that you just simply have the wrong size glass!

I went all-in on photography when my daughter became a national ranked volleyball player several years ago. Volleyball tournaments are played in big convention centers that notoriously have the worst lighting imaginable. (no flash photography permitted and terrible tungsten lighting from above!) Therefore, in order to get good fast action sport shots, it was up to me to figure out what works. After deciding to make an investment in better equipment, and looking through my camera for most all of the 7 years my daughter played, that investment paid off. So, I was the Dad that everyone came to in order to get a great action shot of their daughter. I had this passion that every young player should have a cool action shot of themselves in competition. I was blessed with the resourses in the camera equipment and I absolutely love the priceless look of their faces when they recieved the shot in their hands.

Fast forward to the spring of 2014. I was encouraged by my wife (of 42 years), to expand from sports photography into other areas. I gained inspiration by attending several Kelby Training seminars with instructors like Joe McNally, Dave Black, Peter Hurley and many more. This re-ignited my passion to the point where I decided to follow my dream and pursue the art of portrait and headshot photography. I grew up having a natural curiosity, I love to challenge myself, raise the bar and and run after the goal.

One of my goals was to be awarded Associate Photographer status in the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew organization. This group has 16,000 members worldwide with around 6000 active members. Out of those members, there are only 133 Associates that have been approved by Peter Hurley himself and last March of 2020, I was awarded an Associates title in the Headshot Crew! I am the only Associate photographer in southwest Florida.

This is my passion and it's compelled me to learn as much about headshot photography as possible. It's a blessing to be able to pursue my passion and see the reward in the eyes of my clients.

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