Arnold Klein

Chicago, IL
Arnold Klein Photography
About Arnold

Photography has been a life long passion.  Okay not quite life long but pretty long.  Ever since my Father showed me how to work his Rollieflex when I was 13 I have had an interest in Photography.  I think most of my college loan money went to photographic gear and all the Time Life books.  Then of course real life took over and I had to focus on a career as Photography never occurred to me as a career... DOH!  Several years ago I decided I would start a 10 year project so that I would have something to do if I ever get anywhere near retirement.  
I have a committment to creating something for others so that their loved ones are remembered in a tender way that communicates some essence of the person.  I cannot stand the stock smiley face photograph as the person is rarely there.  So I look for that moment and hopefully capture it.  It seems to me that Peter's sensibility is very similar to mine and I love his approach.
Even though my photographic time is limited I have been on the cover of Chicago Life, had a few small shows, shot the cover for a CD and the cover for an upcoming book.  I am also teaching the Intermediate Digital Photography class at The Chicago Photography Center.  I started showing the class a portion of the F-stoppers video and they loved it and one of the students even signed up for Peter's class... how cool!
I stumbled on Peter's website in my web surfing and immediately noticed a similarity in our styles... I will say similarilty and leave it at that.  Needless to say I really loved the videos on Youtube and F-Stoppers and had to participate in his class, which I am looking forward to in August.  After viewing the DVD I am a complete PH convert.  I am very aware of the people connection but Peter's years of experience add a massive information and a functional level that would have taken me a long long time to get to.
I am very excited about all this as I love being with people and I love giving them something that adds to their life.