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Mike Nakamura

Kirkland, WA
Mike Nakamura Photography LLC
About Mike

It took a while; however, now in my second stint as a photographer, I remember why I picked up a camera in the first place. It’s for the people! Way back in the film days, I concentrated on industrial subjects and eventually lost direction and decided to work for larger corporations. That proved to be a great education in marketing, selling, and client relationships.

Then digital hit and I was drawn back into photography with the knowledge that photographing people is what I really enjoy. What I like best is that long after the photography, their friends, family, and colleagues will appreciate the moment preserved, and of course on the business side, it helps them get hired!

I’ve been fortunate to photograph many celebrities and bands, as well as President and Michelle Obama, and Madeleine Albright for Microsoft, Stanford University, Obama for America, and

Through photography, I get to record events, make friends, and meet people around the world - loving it! Not only that, I guarantee a fun shoot.

On the home front, super salesperson wife Barb and dog Stella keep me grounded.