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Ben Marcum

Louisville, KY
Ben Marcum Photography
About Ben

Hello! I am Ben Marcum. I am a professional headshot photographer based in Louisville Kentucky. visit my website at

I have had the pleasure of working with many entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, realtors, marketing professionals, IT specialists, and so many others who want more than just a picture, but instead, want a great professional headshot that shows them as confident and approachable. I have also worked with companies such as YUM Brands, Venture First, Barrow Brown, Weyland Ventures, Vaughn & Smith, and many more.

My goal with everyone I create headshots for is to capture images that exude genuine expressions and connection. I guide everyone through the session to ensure they leave my studio with headshots that they feel great about using. I look forward to creating the best professional headshot for you that you have ever seen!