Kate DeCoste

Wahoo, NE
Kate DeCoste Photography
About Kate

Obviously I am a photographer, but really, I’m a story teller. My own story began in Wahoo, Nebraska where I graduated from Wahoo High School. These years are well documented in snap shots (that’s right . . . no digital back in my day). Looking back, I can see that even then I enjoyed capturing memories in time. In the fall of 1996, I turned the page and headed for Crete, Nebraska where I attended Doane College majoring in Theatre Arts. After graduation my career took me to Colorado, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New York City. That’s when my story really took off.

Working in theater taught me to see that everyone has a story to tell. Some are scripted and some come out of every day experiences, but they are all worth telling. While living and working in New York I was part of bringing fantastic productions to life. I loved the work but what I enjoyed the most was learning the individual stories of the cast and crew members I worked with. Off stage and on I encountered some people that were real page turners.

In 2008, I found myself about to turn 30 and was in limbo on living and working in New York. This began a new chapter in life and I found myself back in Wahoo, returned to my snap shot roots. I picked up the camera and started telling stories in a new way. My job is to look for what makes each of my clients unique. By knowing each high school senior and families interests and goals I am able to tell their story frame by frame.