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Gordon Clark

Pitt Meadows, BC, CA
Gordon Clark Photography
About Gordon

My name is Gordon Clark. I love human faces. More precisely, I love studying and photographing human faces. I suppose this is why I’m a Portrait Photographer.

To me a great portrait is one that pulls the viewer in. A portrait so strong that the viewer can’t stop looking at it or analyzing every last part of it. My goal every time I point my camera at someone is to create such a portrait.

You see, most people don’t just sit down for a portrait and make magic. No, I would say most people don’t love getting their picture taken. That’s where I come in. The “making magic” part is really about the relationship between the person getting their picture taken and the person taking the picture. Some might call this trust. Of course, all of the techie stuff needs to be sorted out first - that’s a given - but it’s not until the trust is there that the good stuff starts to happen.