Felix Padrosa

Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, AR
About Felix

Thank you for spending some of your time looking at my work.
I'm a freelance photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I started my photography history several years ago taking some courses at the old Fotoclub Argentino.
Not so long ago I arrived to one of Peter's videos on You Tube and got instantly amazed about how he works, how he moves away the technical aspects of taking a picture and turns the session into a personal, one-on-one session, making the person in front of the camera show who he or she is at that moment in time.
Since then, a new path just started for me, seeing the headshot and portrait photography with different eyes.
The samples you can find here are the beginning of that path.
Hope you enjoy them.
PD: In case of need you can contact me via email: info@felixpadrosa.com