Cari Hall

Gilbert, AZ
About Cari

Hi, I'm Cari and I'd love to work with you to create an awesome headshot that you'll love. To book me, you can click on the "book a session" button, or visit my website:

*** A little more about me ***

I have a bachelor's degree in Advertising from Brigham Young University. I have owned my own business since 2002, and have been taking photos for several years. I am also a graphic designer, and use my photography and design skills to ensure photos are true to color, sharp, bright, and gorgeous.

As a graphic designer, I've worked with professional photographers for years from film through the digital revolution. I love the concept of "painting with light" to create the depth and mood, and have loved being behind the camera seeing the world through a lens - even years ago as a teenager.

I began as an art director for product shots working at an in-house design firm for a large cosmetic company, then continued photographing for other jobs, including doing my own product shots for my graphic design company as well as lots of sports - action, team shots, dance groups, family portraits, etc.

More recently, I've focused my skills on headshots, especially for commercial and real estate pros, and love combining photography with my marketing expertise to help you build your business or personal brand.