About Bernard

When I graduated from a Graphic Design School (Compétences Outaouais) in 2001, the world of print was already being replaced by the digital era, and working in a print shop didn’t look too promising. I didn’t know yet what exactly I wanted to do with all the knowledge I had acquired. I freelanced for a few years then worked as a graphic designer for a print shop in Hull, Quebec for two more years.

Then, in 2003, after being married to my lovely wife Sharon for twelve years, we decided it was time for family planning. In 2004, after flying to the Republic of China, we became parents for the first time. Our daughter Tianna was born in China and lived in an orphanage for eleven months before we were able to hold her for the first time. Fast-forward to 2010, and our second daughter, Shaylin, came along the same way.

In 2004, I also bought my first digital camera, a Canon 3.2 megapixel. My passion for photography began with that point and shoot camera, as I took pictures in China of our first child. Discovering that beautiful country was very revealing for me as an amateur photographer.

As my family grew, so did the digital world. Adobe Photoshop went from 5.5 in 2000 to CS3-4 in 2008, and now I’m using CC Creative Cloud! Today I realise how fortunate I have been to be part of this tremendous shift from the analog film era world to the digital one. I’m also grateful for all the training I have had to become a graphic designer, because now when I take a picture I can deliver the full service, from the click of the shutter to the print in your hand. But most of all, I’m a proud husband and father of my two beautiful little girls, Tianna and Shaylin. They have helped my passion for photography to flourish. Thank you, family!