About Belen

I believe that light is a key element, not only in photography but in life.

That light we all possess within is what changes lives and brightens our communities and I strive to bring forth and capture that light in each of the individuals I photograph.

I’m storytelling photographer based in Excelsior & the Lake Minnetonka area. I specialized in heart-centered, natural light family and newborn photography, professional headshots and personal branding as well as lifestyle product photography and visual brand strategy for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

"Live your story. Let me take the pictures."

My style is authentic and sincere. It truly centers around my obsession for beautiful light and my innate desire to preserve simple moments of connection. Those two things excite me almost as much as a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut…almost.

The clients I work with, both families and commercial alike, seek me out for my passion for documenting a slice of everyday life and for my ability to capture real moments without any pressure to perform, transform or be anything but themselves. They tend to feel a strong connection to their home or business, and to the idea of preserving memories and telling visual stories that are meant to be shared.

I am the crazy-proud single mom of two young boys, each with their own beautiful challenges, who provide the inspiration and motivation behind my business and my unwavering desire to succeed in following my passions. I want to show them that it's ok in life to break the script and follow the things in your life that light your fire and fill your soul.