Ajay Jhaveri

Los Angeles, CA
Ajay Jhaveri Photography
About Ajay

Born in India I came to Los Angeles in 1980 and have loved being in LA ever since. Primarily a portrait and landscape photographer. I am the founder and owner of Argentum Photo Lab in Los Angeles. I opened Argentum in 1988 to help Headshot photographers and Actors. We have never looked back. Today we occupy a 7000 sq foot building on Sunset Blvd and employ 17 employees. Over the last 25 years I can safely say there is no one in LA who has seen more headshots than me. I see an average of 100 headshots a day 5 days a week for 20+ years. You do the math.
Having started in the headshot business with film and successfully made the transition to digital, I have seen the business change, not always for the better.