Will Taylor

Washington, DC
About Will

I am Will Taylor. I am a native Washingtonian. I went to school in some of the toughest neighborhoods and I refused to be a statistic. I value hard work at what ever it is that I do. I first picked up a camera in high-school as part of the Year Book Committee. I remember the anticipation as I worked in the school photo lab dark room. That was the (not so good) 'ole times of my photography experience. Lab chemicals and camera film had to be carefully handled. The days are certainly much easier today with digital. After feeling out different genres of photography, I found that headshot photography was my niche. Why??? ...because I can work one-on-one with people which allows me to get to know people personally. Each of my clients have a story, each of them have a brand. My job is to connect the that story and brand and create epic headshots that captures the essence of my client.

My passion is not just photography, but making sure my clients remember what matters most to them through photography.