Tracy Wright Corvo - Honolulu, HI Headshot and Portait Photographer | Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew
After meeting Tracy and knowing her passion for her work I am so proud to have her as part of this PH2 Associate Photographer team. Her style is infused into each of her shots and she keeps producing stunning images that have a ton of feeling behind them. Looking forward to seeing more!
- Peter Hurley
About Tracy Wright Corvo 

Aloha! I am Tracy Wright Corvo, a portrait and headshot photographer working in Honolulu and San Francisco. I collaborate with industry professionals to better define who they are and what they do through professional headshot and branding portrait photography. https://

I am committed to providing my clients with more than just quality headshots and portraits at a great price, but quality headshots and portraits that actually meets their needs. My photography is perfect for artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders whose marketing and branding efforts call for more than just your traditional headshot.

As an entrepreneur, I understand how the entire enterprise can literally depend on the strength and clarity of you, your ideas, and your team. My portraits have the ability to communicate the vision behind your mission and amplify your message.

I oversee the entire photography process, collaborating with each client about makeup, hair, wardrobe, props, and settings. All sessions are shot tethered to a large monitor allowing you to view your portraits and headshots in live time as they are taken. No more wasted time, and no more wasted money on a product you aren't 100% satisfied with. You will know what you’re getting before you leave the studio, and you will love it.

Photography is about so much more than the technical aspects. I listen, understand, and communicate the cornerstone qualities that make up an individual’s unique personality and then translate those qualities through the lens of my camera. I pride myself on providing my clients with more confidence and clarity in their images, that so clearly explains who they are and what they do - which ultimately is in service to everyone - whether it is music, art, commerce, business, or even nonprofit work.

Whether you’re looking for professional success through a powerful headshot or corporate photography, or you are looking for a complete branding photography package I am here to help you make it happen.

I’m eternally grateful for Peter Hurley’s kind words of encouragement and guidance. He’s been instrumental in increasing my confidence and creative skills as a headshot photographer.