Since starting Headshot Crew Thomas has been a mainstay on the site honing his craft day in and day out. Having watched his work grow and become what his is today has been amazing for me. His dedication to his work is commendable and for that I am proud to have him as an Associate and Mentor of the Headshot Crew.
- Peter Hurley
About Thomas Reitinger 

I am Thomas Reitinger, but please call me Thomas.
Born and grown up in a small town near Frankfurt Main in Germany.

I am really lucky that my wife bought me a camera together with my friends for my 30. Birthday. Since this day I sign up on photo communities and try to imitate other photographers, but with my own styles and constantly learn and getting better.

When i am not behind a camera I hang out with my family and friends, often we sitting together talking and having fun. But I am also a big movie Guy and love to go to the cinema or doing some material arts to train my body.

I also cannot thank my wife enough to supporting me everyday. Without that i would not be there where i am now.
I am happy that the industrial leader of headshot photography Peter Hurley trained me in Headshot photography and get me two whole new levels. Now I am one of the amazing Headshotcrew Associate Photographers .

I would love to hear your story when you are in front of my cam.