About Willem Sorm 

In my early teens I came skiing down the slopes with my dad's film-loaded SLR and lenses, which he entrusted me to cover our family holidays. I didn't have a clue how the camera worked, but I still managed to get some decent shots on film. Back home I would cut the developed film into slides for big-screen viewing. Today, 20+ years later, I'm all digital and actually know what I'm doing. As a self-taught guy in all facets of life, I acquired my skills through articles, videos, books, tutorials and workshops. Borrowing influences from various modern masters of the art, I continuously keep bending, twisting and shaping everything I learn to ultimately create a style I can call my own. My passion in photography is with people and their faces. Like a good musical piece, a face never gets boring and you keep discovering new nuances every time you look at it. It's endless fun. Hearing someone say "Hey, I look really GOOD in that picture!", makes my day.