Sticking to Your Photographic Goals from B&H Photo

I chimed in on this blog post.  Check it out:


Great comments from all involved!

Excellent post Peter. Right on point of setting and sticking to goals. Focused like a laser beam.

We have to fire up some headshot goals on this thing!

i have set my headshot goals. it will be hard to get the Big Goal, but i was able to reach my first small Goal, so i am still working every day on it :)

Guess I am still working on a framework for "defining" the goals. Starting out, or back into - this business like I am, you see how extremely difficult it is to break (back) into this business after something like 20 years. Therefore, I am currently only circumspect enough to see that first and foremost I need to shoot, shoot and shoot some more. After that I will try and figure out something a little more articulate. Good words in the interview Peter!

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