Flex Dimmer not turning on

I just set up my new Flex Kit to use for the second time but one of the dimmers won’t power on at all. I’ve tried different power cords but it won’t turn on. Any tips? Contact at Westcott to help?


make sure all the cables are security connected, make sure the power from wall is plugged into the transformer all the way, that cable is plugged into the XLR looking input on dimmer, then the cable from light to dimmer is also connected. A total of 4 connection points, one might just be loose- hope its nothing more than that :)

I think I found the problem the hole at the bottom is missing a metal thing…

This happened to me the second time I used mine too. Call westcott they will send a replacement. But if you are in desperate need of it working right now. Make sure the whole thing is unplugged. I can't stress this enough, UN PLUG EVERYTHING. Disconnect the dimmer box from everything. Then use phillips head screw driver to remove the four screws around the edges of the bottom. Open up the bottom. You should see that silver part. The place where it was attached broke off. This can happen if you tighten it too much. What you will want to do is bring the power cord up to the opening and then apply pressure while holding onto the connection from inside. That way it can actually connect to the power. Very gently screw on the silver collar. Then very carefully screw the 4 screws back in. Make sure there is no tension on the wire going into the block. The only thing that is holding those two parts together is the friction now from the parts being put together, instead of the threads holding it on. Let me know if it worked for you.

Thank you so much for the advice Vail! Right now Westcott is telling me, “We would like you to return all three so we can make sure the DC jack will not break in the other two.”
I really don’t want to go that long without all 3 :( Did you have to send yours in and wait for a new one? I’m wondering if they’d send me a new one, while I ship in the one I have to minimize time.
Otherwise, I’d like to try your tip to fix it myself.

The fix that Vail is describing is an emergency measure to ensure you can complete a shoot you have in the immediate future. You're going to want to send all 3 units in so Westcott can make whatever modification they can so that the dimmer is more durable.

They told me that as well. But I choose to just keep my other two. They haven’t failed since but I don’t disconnect that piece Any more. I should put a screw driver In the kit to have just in case this ever happens again though on a job. They sent me a new one as a replacement for the one before I sent them back the old one. I don’t know if they would do that for all 3.

Vail, you are a life saver! It worked! I’m going to leave it plugged in until I have a good time to send it in to Westcott. Thank you sooo much! You are always so beyond helpful in this group!

For people that travel with your Flex kit, do you unplug the power cord from the dimmer each time, or leave it connected? I’m nervous to disconnect my power cords from the dimmers now…

This is an important question. I'm thinking leaving it screwed in permanently makes the most sense. I'd love to hear other opinions.

Kristy - I had an issue and sent mine back to westcott for repair the first time this happened it was all 3 dimmers. Just had a dimmer do this again last week and sent back for repair as well. I do have a backup contact godox light so I was able to do my shoot at the time.

So you had a failure on a dimmer that was replaced?

Omg. This is a biggest fear. I travel a lot with my flex kit and I have wondering if something stop working. Who can afford a back up or even bring an other set of lights. Do you bring other speed lights ?

I know some people always bright back up strobes. I am thinking of getting a few back up dimmers or just buying a travel flex kit which then gives me three more dimmers. Then I would take some from my studio kit when I travel with the travel one as back up.

Glad you guys found a work around. Westcott is aware then when the pressure put on the plug is too much it can break. Great solution Vail but I don’t want you guys worrying about having to do something like that. I’ll keep everyone posted if I get any other news.

Thank you Peter for looking into this.

I suspect an alternate, emergency solution would be to use a V Mount battery to power the dimmer. Maybe carrying one of those in your travel kit would be a good safety net.

This *just* happened to me today (I bought the bicolor in Sept 2022 from B&H just as soon as I got back from the Hideaway) , while I was setting up to shoot tonight and tomorrow at a flex space (I have A1's and strip boxes as backups), but my spouse is taking the affected one apart right now, and I had him read this thread for me. I'll need to call Westcott tomorrow. I was grateful for this thread!! (edit: YAY! it worked just as Vail described! thanks HEAPS!)

So glad it worked! Now just keep it connected until you are done with the shoot. Write Westcott support right now and they should get you a FedEx or ups label ASAP for them to fix it.

I think you can also get in the habit of connecting the AC cord without tightening the screw. I keep mine on the floor, but even if the dimmers are hanging from the nightstand, the cord doesn't fall out.

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