Shabangr #260 with Flexkit utility willing to sell for 1.25 ETH!

If that seems foreign to you then we need to get you up to date on what NFT's are and how to grab yourself a Shabangr! 1.25 ETH is worth $4635 right now, so it's nearly $1000 off the studio kit. If you want it go bid here:

Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. Plus you'd get a pretty darn cool Shabangr!


Still looking to buy a shabangr. Waiting. I think the market price will come down. So this NFT comes with a flexkit? What do you mean by a flexkit utility.

I'd buy now for sure. ETH is at a low and the floor price on OpenSea is great.
Yes, this particular Shabangr comes with a new Studio Flexkit.

Definitely a great deal if you have the Eth!!

I already bid on this one Peter

Ok Peter Hurley ive wanted a shabangr for some time and maybe I can afford it now, so my ears are turned on.

So how much USD is it to get one? Not following the relation between shabangr and flex kit. Do you put the $ toward a flex in the future or what?

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