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This crew ROCKS

Within the scope of about a week, I had FOUR crew members avail themselves to me for advice and help.

Jon Meadows took the time to speak with me over the phone and help me with pricing a group shoot (while he was on the road with his family). Richard Waine messaged me via Facebook and helped sort out some website coding issues, Mike Sansone took the time to meet with me over Zoom to help me with Google Ads, and Ivan Weiss helped me with researching backdrops via Instagram message.

When I say this crew ROCKS, I know you already know it, but it really is an amazing bunch of caring, helpful, excellent people!

There truly is NO other photography group in the world like Headshot Crew. Thanks Peter for having the vision to bring us all together!


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I mean, there’s a specialist for everything here. I think you got someone great for each topic.

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The Man

We’ve got a powerful team of humans in here and we keep finding more amazing people. Best thing is that we are all elevating each other. Thanks for letting us know Pete. I hear about stuff going on but am never sure of all the incredible connections made here.

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Could not agree more, Pete! I too have had many interactions with HSC members who were generous with their time and knowledge. ALL have been
gracious and accommodating enduring my questions. For now I'm just very grateful. In the future, I will pay it forward!

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Congratulations on Associate!

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Thanks Danial! Couldn't have done it without all of the support and encouragement here.

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That sounds about right. This crew is awesome!