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Traveling and the Crew

I forgot my X-Drop arms on my way up north from DC. So I texted Craig Toron, who had invited a few of us over for a delicious breakfast several months ago when I was in the area, about 20 minutes away at my mother-in-law's. I popped over the next morning and borrowed his X-Drop. And I dropped it off the next morning. I just missed him. I wanted to take a selfie with him, but that didn't happen. But I appreciate the use of his gear, and I just thought it was an example of how the Crew helps each other.

On my way back from NJ, I took another route and stopped in to see Richard Waine in Lancaster, PA. I got to see his awesome, clean studio. We hit a pizza place for lunch and headed back to the studio, and he shot me. Got a cool shot before we had to head out for meetings with clients. And I got a gift bag, so now I am officially a fan.


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The Man

How do I not know all of this is going on? You guys getting together and the friendships formed on this thing has definitely been one of the most powerful things about this crew with the only exception being the priceless headshotland wisdom that’s doled out bringing all of us here in the first place of course.

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One of the most valuable and treasured elements of being involved in the Headshot Crew is the bonds that are formed. I have always said that while this is a community of like-minded individuals, it's more of a family than anything else. I met some of my best friends right here, and am forever thankful to you, Peter, for creating this amazing platform for us to enjoy, learn, and socialize.

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LOL, Peter!! Very true dat, all of it!

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And what's also so special, that these friendships are developing worldwide. Thanks for making this happen Peter!! I wish there would be another Headshot Mania soon...

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Florida trip?

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Sorry I missed this. Would've loved to take the trek out to Richard's and hang for a bit. I still need to get to your studio Richard.