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90 Days Credit for your Creative Cloud Sub from Adobe

Here are the steps and script:
1. Call 8008336687, then 1, then 1 again and wait to TALK to someone.
2. They'll ask you for your email and phone number, give it to em.
3. Tell them you, "want to cancel, it's too expensive," and just wait...

BOOM! 90 days free.


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Is this just PS/LR? I have the whole suite and honestly it's a lot, because I really one need InDesign and Illustrator in addition to PS/LR.

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Ask them!

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Ryan Sumner, I have the entire suite too because I use Premiere Pro, InDesign, Illustrator, etc. The guy had no issue with it. He didn't care what level I was subscribing to. He just credited 3 months, no problem.

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I waited on the phone for two hours yesterday but had to hang up because I was headed to class. Today I called and waited for 90 minutes. Got through and now I don't have an Adobe bill until July.

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Thank you! Since I prepaid they extended my account by 3 months. Wonderful!