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One day only sale on H2PRO Bags! Buy one get one free!

We have a HurleyProGear H2PRO situation PEOPLE!!! Westcott is running a 12 days of Christmas sale and today is a buy one get one free H2PRO bag deal!!! Go grab yours today! #SHABANG!!!!


That's a great deal!

Just purchased them, Im so excited and can't wait to use them

So cool! Where in NY are you?

Midtown Manhattan

UES, Lex and 90th. I have a studio with the flex kit. You should come check it out.

Id like that, Im leaving tues for the holidays and back Jan 8. Lets do it then.

Email me... / text 917-459-9950

Just got mine! :o)

I tried to reach out to you Irene.

Hi Scott.....where?


I just ordered 2 sets!

Are there any resources/retailers for this gear in europe? The shipping cost + costums to france are double the price of the bags. Out of curiosity I checked the price of the flex kit, and that came out at 7500 euros (about 8000$). If I ever can afford it, it would be cheaper to come to new york, buy it and "smuggle" it back.

Google is not being my friend in this instance, my search for these key words (flex kit, hurley, distributeur etc) for France / Europe only gave results about some flex-fuel or Hurley t-shirts :-(
Both kind of interesting but neither are the right ones...

Pablo, that's right. All of the Westcott stuff - amazing as it is - is only available for us in Europe by paying a ridiculous amount of money for transport. Same goes for Adorama. Quite often the final prices nearly double. Some of the Westcott items you can order form though - but I haven't seen any of Peters stuff there. Would be nice if Westcott had a warehouse over to service this edge of the world too :-)

Hallo Dietmar.
Thanks for the link, i didnt know that site. Sometimes i do order gear through germany, that may come in handy 😊

Got it! Don't forget to use your HSC code people! CREW22 . Shabang!