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Read Em and Weep!

The only thing that I wish was that I had a date on this sucker. I love that I had handwritten it on a goal card because it gave me the flashback to the kid who wrote it all these years later. Seems like a lifetime ago, but makes me want to pat myself on the back.

I'm not sure that I was ever really consciously aware that Headshot Crew would become the vibrant supportive community that it is today, but if you are studying this stuff you know that it must have been planted in my brain somewhere. So here we are with an open forum to discuss the mental mindset it takes to grow in the direction you want to go in this incredible life that we've been given and I'm so grateful.

I often imagine going back and telling that kid that first walked into a Bob Proctor seminar in 1998 what was about to hit him. What would I say? How could I make him believe what happened? How did I actually pull off what most would jump ship on at the first roadblock? The twists and turns of success are often the most difficult to navigate, but the reward for sticking to your guns is freedom. For me, the freedom to do as you choose and live the life you want to live is the ultimate gift that you will receive for pursuing whatever it is that lights a fire under your ass.

I had an inferno under mine when I stumbled upon photography and there was no putting it out. I had just turned 30, my twenties were in the rearview mirror and it was time to plant some roots and make something stick. Not only did I need a vehicle, I needed a roadmap. Little did I know that the camera was my golden chariot and the material Bob Proctor introduced me to was my co-pilot.

The pursuit of my chosen goal and its ultimate achievement has been what I've always craved. Leapfrogging the pitfalls that stood in my way was the challenge and failing miserably at times was the much-needed lesson to learn. As I write this 20 years after beginning my daily investment into the development of myself, I still find it requires as much effort today as it did back then. The goals may seem loftier, but the process remains the same. And yes, my chariot does have a few more bells and whistles, but the terrain in front of me still requires the undivided attention of me and my co-pilot just the same.

So here you have it, a Success Track for us to navigate this journey together. I have to thank Tommy Collier for spearheading this track with me and we do have a lot in store for you.

We are anxiously awaiting your own story about your first goal card. So simply write it down, date it, put it in your pocket, read it every day and go to work! Once achieved then pat yourself on the back and start the process over again with your new goal. Be sure to tuck that one away in a safe place and I have no doubt that it'll put a smile on that face of yours when you dig it up again and it might even bring a little tear along with it.


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Thank you, for everything...

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Thank you for this story and all of your stories Peter! They are so inspiring and motivating​ to all of us!!!

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Great story! It looks like you were manifesting way back when. Vision boards, journaling, goal cards....whatever works.....there is such power in writing it down then feeling it and believing.

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Peter, you sharing your early goal cards was one of most inspiring parts of Headshot Mania. Goals are so much more attainable when clearly defined and in front of you at all times. #gamechanger

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Thank you for sharing this, I just made my first goal card.

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Thank you Peter. Goal setting is a tough process, and I'm so encouraged by your stories, and by the the "Get Up & Goals" series in Instagram.

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So tears are a flowing Peter. We've known each other for a while now. I believe synchronicity played a roll in having us meet, cause I wasn't even looking to become a "headshot photographer", and now by reading this it manifests itself again. Thank you Peter for your candidness, your openness, your vulnerability. This helps so much. I can't tell you how much I love what I do. Truly thank you.