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Announcing Headshot Crew Jr!

On Wednesday March 15th 2017 a group of students from The Feather in Fresno stopped by the studio while on a trip to NYC. Britney had "interview with high school students" on my schedule and that's all I saw. Little did I know what was about to happen. 

20 of them rolled right into the studio that afternoon and we sat down and started chatting. What transpired was truly amazing. I love talking about what I do and am always hoping to inspire whoever is willing to listen, however, in this case the tables were turned on me! I was inspired by these kids and just loved the time I got to spend with them. Here's the post with the video and interview they did with me:

I was so touched that it got me to thinking: What if I gave young photographers a boost in their quest to photograph people? We have an incredibly supportive community in place already where we could do that on a global scale. Why not give it a shot? If we can inspire some young people I know that we can pave the way for the next generation of great headshot photographers worldwide. And then Headshot Crew Jr popped into my brain and I knew I was onto something.

Through the new HSCJR initiative everyone under 18 years of age will have a chance to earn a free scholarship to the Headshot Crew. All they need to do is complete their profile on with a headshot of themselves, a bio and begin uploading images in their portfolio. Once they've got 10 images in their portfolio they can submit it to me for inclusion into the Headshot Crew Jr program.

My goal is to teach them from the get go, so the images are really for me to see their motivation and will not be based on their technical prowess. Once accepted they will have a free membership until their 18th birthday. To get them started we will be setting up free basic Headshot Crew accounts for those that are interested in participating. Email if you are reading this post and would like to apply for the program. 

Now that's a #SHABANG in my book! 




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Nice work Peter offering a hand up to kids. Well done. You have the heart of a lion.

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This is indeed a #SHABANG ! There are so many things children can learn through crew participation, not just the technical aspects of photography. Jessica will be SO excited to get started on this :)

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This is pretty awesome! Gonna have to watch my mouth.

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This is brilliant.

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Great idea Peter, lucky kids!

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This is so awesome!!! I'm hoping to get some kids fired up for this!!

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Definitely a #SHABANG!!

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This is awesome. I'll make sure i get some to join from Nigeria...

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Does the portfolio have to be headshots? Or at least pictures of people?

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The Man


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That's just wonderful! Catch them before they learn to do it wrong! Get them started on the right path from the get go!

I can't wait until you find yourself promoting a 17 year old kid to Associate! This is one of the best examples of a meritocracy after all.

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In a word, SENSATIONAL!!!!

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I love this on so many levels!

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Awesome job Peter!

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This is brilliant

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Is this still going on?

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I love what you are doing and inspiring the next generation.

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This is an excellent Shabang :)

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Awesome idea! Can't wait to see what comes of all this!

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The Man

it's on hold for now, but will happen down the road.

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That's awesome!!! What a great way to inspire and educate the next generation of photographers <3

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Damn, that's good!