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About Paco Navarro 

Becoming a full time photographer wasn’t something I considered until a couple years ago. In 2012 I cast everything aside and embarked upon a new career—not a huge leap of faith when you’re 23 years old, however, when you are 38 with two kids and a wife, that decision is profoundly life changing. Such turning points always come with a burden of difficult emotional experiences.

I spent seven years developing an animation company I co-founded. As CEO and executive producer I worked with the most important advertising agencies in Mexico, produced VFX for a feature film in the USA and aired several spots in Brazil and Canada, yet I felt oddly empty. I was bogged down by too much management and I was yearning to feed my creative soul. I didn’t want to be sitting behind a desk. I was there just heating my chair.

I thought back on my time working as assistant on photo and video productions after I graduated as an Industrial Designer in 1999. I had an epiphany and realized that photography has been very close to my heart from the moment my father “gave” me his minolta reflex camera.

Having worked as photo assistant, engineer at IBM, 3d artist, animator, producer and teacher, I had developed a special way of engaging with people, so photographing people seemed like a natural fit. As an artist I shoot other things too, which has helped me become an editorial collaborator for Getty Images.

Now, my goal is to pull together all the experience and connections I have built over 15 years and develop a thriving business in photography and video production. I work together with my brother and my brother-in-law, with a special focus in the continual evolution of my recognizable visual style.

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