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About Neetan Sapra 

Love affair with photography started at a young age and now loving it even more after 35 years in the business. I fought over the camera when taking family photos, my father bought me my first SLR at the age of 12, learning from him while he was taking portraits and wildlife photography in East Africa & Canada in a photographic retail studio.

There is an importance in the message behind the image, observation of the person can speak volumes to the viewer. Understanding that the photographer is commissioned by a client, moreover it should be about their representation & their needs in making them “look their best”. Conversely, the final result should give optimal interpretation of trust towards my clientèle.

My photograph’s been published in prominent publications such as Time, Skidoodle, Escarpment, Ourhomes & Medical Journal.

Specializing in a photographic style that grasps a lighting technique as an art form to capture the best in Headshot’s, Products & Architectural Photography.