About Ben Marcum 

Mom was fairly certain she had an artist on her hands when at a young age, on the tee ball field, while the other kids were excited to chase and hit the ball, I was perfectly happy to throw handfuls of dirt into the air to see what shape the clouds would make.

I’ve always been one to create – as a teenager, I was into photography and theatre, and eventually spent 20 years working as a sound designer and composer in theatre, an art I still practice from time to time. I rediscovered my love of the camera several years ago, and have been enthusiastically photographing people ever since.

My work has been seen in nFocus Magazine, Louisville Magazine, and Fortune.com

A photographer I admire greatly said something like 90% of what photographers do is psychology, 10% is photography. I agree with him. Getting people to deliver themselves and helping them tell a story is the art of what I do, a fascinating blend of art and science.

To answer the question every photographer asks, I shoot Nikon.

I’m a gardener, a (bad) fishermen, a foodie, and a pro wrestling fan. I have an amazing wife who is the best thing ever, a great dog and two cats who are jerks.