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You're here because you want to build something: a career, a business, a legacy. And you understand that while substance is what matters, image is what communicates it. You're here because you understand long-term value, and the importance of investment and experience, in your family, your business, your career, yourself.
My approach to photography reflects the values I believe brought you here to my work. When I first joined Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew, one of the pre-requisites for posting your own work was to have your own profile headshot. No headshot, no posting. It took me a good month before I finally took the bull by the horns and worked on my own headshot, and then it took me over an hour to finally get one that I liked. But when I did, it was a watershed moment: I looked at the photo, and I smiled. "I like this!" And it was at that very moment I realized that was exactly what I wanted to give to other people as a photographer, a portrait of themselves that would make them smile every time they saw it, warming their heart. It sounds a little artsy, perhaps, but after all, I am an artist. To achieve that, I place a high value on developing my own skill not only as a photographer, but in interacting with others, specifically, the soul on the other side of my lens. I'm not going to get a great headshot or portrait of you if I do not make a genuine and enjoyable connection with you. I want you to be at ease, comfortable, and actually having a good time. I am not only a photographer, but a headshot coach. That means we are going to get the best photo of you, working together and having fun while we do it. It's not just the end product that counts, though that is the most important, but the whole experience. I will nail your best angles, shape light to bring out your shine, and draw out the expressions that tell the world just how confident and approachable you are. That experience leads to a great photo--of you!