Nick Redman - London, GB Headshot Photographer | Headshot Crew
About Nick Redman 

Headshot & Portrait Photography

It’s the photographer’s job to see the beauty in everyone and get the best out of them, during their time together on a shoot. Tools of the trade are a given: lighting and the technical side of photography – this is the easy bit!
I invested in myself by training with the best in the industry - renowned portrait photographer Peter Hurley.
Peter developed an intensive program dedicated to training headshot photographers and I’m proud to say I’m now an associate of PH2PRO, representing him in London.
PH2 Associates are photographers that Peter personally recommends. Based on strict evaluation of their work, and regular coaching & portfolio reviews.

I love working one to one with a subject to find whatever it takes to get the shot. Everyone's different, and there's no set formula. I get great satisfaction helping the more nervous people, most of whom would rather be at the dentist than in front of a camera!

Do drop me a line via my contact page, or call me on +44 208 144 7898 if you have any questions about preparing for, or booking a shoot. Whether it’s a working shot for a casting agent, a professional corporate requirement or personal branding for social media (LinkedIn etc). I’d love to hear from you! Cheers, Nick.