About Leif Hurst 

Hi, I'm Leif. I know, it's a funny name but lets go ahead and get that awkward handshake out of the way. You've stumbled across my work and perhaps our paths were meant to cross. I'm a portrait photographer in Dallas, TX. What that really means is that I shoot pictures of people.

Photography has always been apart of my life. I could sit here and rattle on about "passion" and "capturing your special moment" but truth be told, I've always thought cameras were a bit science fiction. We take this device and freeze time with it. It's a time machine and to a kid growing up in Texas in the early 80's, I was addicted to my time machines (aka Polaroids and eventually Kodak disposable cameras). When my father wasn't looking, I would sneak his Canon film camera away from the house and shoot as many pictures as I could of anything that would sit still long enough. Even though I thought he didn't know what I was doing, somehow there was always fresh film in the fridge for me and prints from the lab on the counter. This went on for years. Finally in High School, 1997 or so, I was able to get my hands on some better equipment and learned the art of developing B&W film which put me in the darkroom as much as I was behind the camera. I had some early success with some still life and automotive images but strangely enough, I wanted nothing to do with shooting pictures of people. Unfortunately, photography fell out of my life throughout college and when I finally came back to the camera, all I wanted to do was shoot portraits of people. I feel like I had matured through some life experiences and finally figured out who I really was, a people person. Now, as my wife would say, I can't pass a stranger without saying hello and I could spend an afternoon talking to a brick wall. I'm fascinated by people's lives, their story, and the differences that make us all unique.

I'm married to my wonderful and creative wife, Tiffany. We've had an amazing journey together since 2005 that has given us a lifetime of stories to tell as well as two amazing children, Hudson & London. When I don't have a camera on me, which isn't often, I'm usually spending time with our family, watching as many movies as we can with two small children around, and learning as much as I can through self-teaching & discovery.