Jen is laser focused on her business and it shows. She's churning out solid work and is committed to excellence every step of the way. Having worked side by side with her on a number of occasions I know there is no off button here, so keep an eye out. She's off an running and one to watch!
- Peter Hurley
About Jen Kelly 

This isn’t my first career, but it is the career I love the most! Previously, I worked for Fortune 500 companies in executive & employee communications. That didn’t leave much time for hobbies, but the one hobby I always made time for was photography.

When I left the corporate world to open my studio, I wasn’t entirely sure where to focus my photography. But after spending more than 25 years in communications, my comfort zone is working with business professionals. I’ve coached CEOs and executives in their communications; prepped them to speak to thousands of employees; helped them communicate with constituents and present themselves in a way that exudes confidence, trust and approachability. Now I get to use those same skills as a headshot photographer.