Chris Gillett - Houston, TX Headshot and Portait Photographer | Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew
Have to tell you that there is nothing dull about this guy. Sharp as a razor and talented to boot. Chris and I became friends quite a while back and I've been floored by his ability to perfect his craft. He's doing everything right and shown me that hard work and a critical eye is all anyone needs to pump out incredible headshot images. I love where he's taken his business and so excited to have been a part of getting this rocket ship off the ground!
- Peter Hurley
About Chris Gillett 

I am Chris Gillett, a portrait and headshot photographer in Houston, Texas.

Using state of the art cameras, Hollywood lighting, and cutting edge methodology, I dedicated myself to producing the best headshots available. I studied under Peter Hurley, the greatest headshot photographer in the world. In early 2013, I became one of his associate photographers and have since been producing the type of headshots that I wanted for myself.

You are being judged by your online photos. You need more than a photo that just looks good; you need a compelling image that says something about who you are and engages the viewer. That is my work.