Portuguese Portrait Pop-Up

Peter embarks on a journey to Portugal to join Pedro Jorge and Ivan Weiss in a portrait pop-up experience. 

This is a three-day long workshop in Lisbon, Portugal with a bonus pre-tour day given by one of Lisbon's premier tour guides on October 14th! The workshop price includes all three days as well as your tour. Limited space sign up today! 

You are in for a treat! We will split everyone into 3 groups(max 6 humans per group) and your team will move from one day to the next with a different instructor. 

Peter's Class

With Peter, you'll be on the run shooting environment portraiture of interesting humans in the city of Lisbon. Peter started out as an environment portraitist first and then transitioned into headshot photography. He's excited to go back to his roots with you by his side during this incredible adventure. 

Ivan's Class

Studio Portraits - Soup to Nuts
This day-long workshop covers everything from the fundamental ingredients of a compelling portrait to how we can use postproduction techniques to refine the presentation. First, we’ll make a soup of Hurley wisdom with a few extra Weiss herbs and spices thrown in. Then we’re going to go nuts putting it all into practice.
  • What makes a portrait a portrait?
  • Finding your authentic approach to working with humans
  • Let there be light!
  • Postproduction in Affinity Photo

Pedro's Class

In this class, you’ll learn to create stunning custom backdrops for portrait photography. This hands-on course covers essential gear, including rollers, canvas, and paint, and teaches you fundamental techniques to achieve any color and texture. Perfect for photographers and artists alike, you'll leave with the skills to craft unique backdrops that enhance your portraits.

Not only will you be painting your own canvas to take home, but you'll be workin that sucker out once it's dry to come up with your new signature look lighting-wise to bring the very best out of it.


You are on your own to get to the workshop and put yourself up. But Ivan and I will be staying at the Lisbon Marriott, so if you get a room there that would be great. We are working on a room block, but we need to fill it up before I sign the contract, so let me know if you are interested in being part of that once you register for the class and we will do our best to get it together. 


Meals are not included in the workshop price. You are responsible for your meals when we break for lunch and dinner.

Significant Others

We encourage you to bring whomever you like with you to Portugal! Lisbon is a bustling city and it's a perfect time of year to enjoy the culture. Because the class sizes are limited, we can't have anyone extra in the photo-related activities. However, should anyone want to come along to any of the meals feel free to bring them. If they'd like to tag along during the pre-tour then we will figure out a price per person, so just let us know who's coming with you!

Oct 15th 2024 - Oct 17th 2024

Pedro Jorge Studio
Rua Doutor João de Barros 15F
1500-230 Lisbon